Complete Photography Studio for Rental

Complete Photography Studio for Rental 1

Do you know that almost 85% of photography studio for rental does not provide enough equipments for you to complete your job at hand?

Seek no more! AD STUDIO is a complete photography studio massively equipped with arrays of studio lighting and spacious space for any kind of visual works.

Our studio are located at the heart of klang valley and easily reachable with car or public transport.

Wall & Studio Backdrop

Wide Cyclorama Wall 14×16 feet
Green screen backdrop for professional video editing and visual effect / fx
4x classic smokey backdrop (gold, light gold, purple, grey tint)
Red velvet/Gray/Black
3x Bookshelf Backdrop
Mini Pelamin
Nordic Style Living Room
Can fit 25-40 person group in white studio

Studio & Video Lighting

4x Godox AD600 Light with HSS (cordless)
2x Godox DP600II studio Light (corded)
Godox XT2 Transmitter for Sony, XT1 for canon, nikon & fuji
1x 300w Studio light (corded)
2x Godox SL60 video light
2x 200w video light
2x led softlight panel
2x Ring light
1x crane

Laptop, TV & Software (addon)

Laptop i7 8750H with 32Gb ram for tethering / videostreaming
Desktop PC Intel i7 3770 with 12GB ram for previewing & customer photo culling
Capture One 21
Adobe Lightroom Classic 2021
Adobe Photoshop 2021
OBS Software for Live streaming
USB type C, USB 3.0, USB 2.0 cables for all kind of camera connection
55 Inch Sony Bravia LED TV
Mirascreen for screen casting

Light Modifier (free to use)

2x 120x90cm softbox with grid
1x 120cm octabox with grid
1x 85cm octa softbox with grid
4x 90x60cm softbox
1x 60cm beauty dish with grid
2x 100cm reflector
1x 180cm White Umbrella
1x 120cm Black/white umbrella
Gel (2pcs for every color – red, yellow, green and blue )

Tripod & Light stand (Free to use)

1x camera stand with caster wheel using pistol grip
1x notebook stand attached to the camera stand using pistol grip
1x Manfrotto Tripod
1x Bronic Tripod


1x Saramonic shotgun mic
1x Saramonic UWmic9 Lav wireless mic (transmitter + receiver)
1x Zoom H1 (cardioid) with deadcat (USB)
1x BM800 condenser microphone
2x Dynamic Cardioid Wireless microphone
1x Digital Usb Mixer with Phantom +48v
*Noise floor in studio normally around -35db. Noise free voice over can be achieved using cardioid mic or digital noisegate when using condenser mic.

Chair & Table (Free to use)

1x Beige color 2 seater bench
2x Wedding Arm Chair (cream color)
1x vintage arm chair
2x Single seated vintage chair
4x Bar stool (1x white, 2x black, 1x red)
2x Nordic Style Eames Chair (1 white, 1 yellow)
2x office chair
4x basic black stool
3 white banquet table.
10x banquet chair
2x 1×0.5 meter perspex board for product shoot
1x Folding ladder
2x 10cm height white stool
2x 15cm height white stool
2x 20cm height white stool

Make up & Hair Equipments (free to use)

Changing room
Hair dryer
Flat hair iron
Hair curler
Stand Mirror
Cloth Hangar
Steam iron
Normal cloth iron

Blazer For Corporate Photography
10 blazer types for men
5 blazer types for women

Free Internet/Ethernet

500Mbps(downlink) /500Mbps (upload) Internet
AX3000 Wifi 6 system up to 2.4Gbps wireless networking
1Gbps Switch + Cat6e cable for ethernet networking

Special Effects Equipments

Wind Blower
Smoke Machine (+ 1Liter fog solution + RM20)

photography studio


Our Photography Studio Address

AD Studio Shah Alam
01-05, Alam Idaman Serviced Apartment, Jalan Budiman 22/3, Seksyen 22 Shah Alam. Selangor.
0133173128 / 0162400266

Our Studio are suitable for any kind of photography assignment such as product photography, family portrait photography, social media live stream, tudung photoshoot, food photography, fashion and lifestyle shoot, wedding and more.

One thought on “Complete Photography Studio for Rental

  • jenny
    September 30, 2019 at 6:51 am

    Hi do you do dance and corporate profile shoots? What is your fee and services provided? how many digital copies are edited? cloud based sharing of photos?
    Hope to hear from you soon.

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