Basic color correction will be applied to all photos after the photo shoot, if it is required. It is our responsibility to make sure every photo comes out correctly. Thus, during setup, we will set up the lighting to produce better color and details for every photo. However, due to subject movement and the speed of the shooting, some photos (2-5%) may turn out to be underexposed. We are shooting using RAW format which provides a very high dynamic range for color correction.


Facial retouching is a process to enhance a portrait, to remove non permanent and permanent scar, acne, and to reduce blemishes. For every photo that will be delivered under unlimited photo shoot service, an automated skin softening processing will be applied by request only. And for every digital finish and print larger than 10x12inch, an advanced facial retouching will be applied without no additional cost. Using advanced facial retouching, we could eliminate scars and uneven skin tone by manually air brushing facial & neck area. A face thinning and teeth whitening process can be requested for photo finishing without extra cost.


Digital makeup is a process to apply facial makeup. This is a premium service and will be charge from RM50 to RM500 depending on the complexity. Digital makeup process includes :-

  • Changing eyes color
  • Applying bronzer, shade, mascara, eye liner, cleaning eyebrows
  • Reshaping facial structure, jawline, eyes shape
  • Closing mouth
  • Changing eye color, adding contact lens

Traditional makeup is a better way to achieve any look that you requires. Combining Good makeup + Good lighting + good facial retouching will produce the best portrait image.


Digital Body slimming is a process to reduce the width of certain body parts. This service could only provided for a single portrait with solid color background only.