AD STUDIO maintains full legal copyright ownership over all images created across all categories, as recognized under the Malaysian Copyright Act of 1987.

For paying non-commercial customers, we provide the default right to use all purchased images strictly for non-commercial purposes.

However, for commercial projects, economic rights licensing is negotiated and agreed upon between AD Studio and the client prior to project commencement. These terms are discussed, finalized and documented to ensure clarity and agreement between both parties.


Using copyrighted works without the express consent or authorization from the original author, copyright owner or performer is considered a violation of the Malaysian Copyright Act of 1987. This type of infringement includes:

  • Reproducing, performing, displaying, or distributing to the public any copyrighted material in any form.
  • Importing any article into Malaysia with the intention of using it for trade or financial gain.
  • Creating or selling any infringing copies.
  • Offering for sale, rent or trade, or publicly displaying any infringing copies.
  • Distributing infringing copies of the copyrighted work.
  • Possessing an infringing copy, except for personal and non-commercial use.
  • Publicly exhibiting any infringing copy for the purpose of trade.
  • Manufacturing or possessing any device intended for creating infringing copies.

We strongly advise individuals and businesses to ensure they obtain appropriate permission or licensing before using any copyrighted material to avoid any legal infringement issues.


We would like to clarify that the absence of a watermark on our photos does not imply that they are not protected by copyright. They remain under our ownership and may not be used for commercial purposes without our explicit permission.

If you are interested in utilizing our photos for commercial use, we kindly request that you reach out to us to discuss and obtain the necessary permissions.

We would also like to inform you that we typically utilize the photographs we capture in our marketing endeavors, such as displaying them on our website, Instagram, Facebook, and other promotional channels. This practice applies to all types of photography, including those featuring children, newborns, or individuals with disabilities.

However, we respect our customers’ preferences and understand that some may prefer not to have their family photos shared in our marketing materials due to personal circumstances. As fellow humans with families ourselves, we empathize with such situations.

Thus, we do offer an option for clients to acquire exclusive ownership of their photos for a fee. Upon mutual agreement, we will transfer the raw photo files to the client and promptly delete them from our database, ensuring their privacy and personal preferences are respected.