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Many new models are surprised to hear that they’re expected to create and pay for their marketing materials. Maybe they didn’t know models needed things like model compcard, composite cards, portfolios, and web profiles. Or perhaps they thought it was the modeling agency’s responsibility to put together these essential items.

Whatever the reason, the real story is that models are considered to be independent contractors, and these marketing materials are considered to be crucial start-up items that don’t involve the agency.

It’s just the cost of doing business. 

One of the most critical marketing materials you’ll ever use is a composite card, which can be called a comp card, z card, zed card, or sed card. This small piece of paper has the power to bring big results!

Model Need A Compcard

Composite cards are essentially business cards. They’re an inexpensive and effective way to make a good first impression, to professionally showcase your abilities, and to share your contact information with agencies, scouts, clients, photographers, and other industry professionals. So, any model who is serious about their career, whether it’s commercial, fashion, plus-size, or any other type of modeling, needs to have composite cards!

Gambar konvo pra sekolah

Pakej Graduasi Tadika

Salam.., tempahan untuk pakej graduasi tadika / pra sekolah telah dibuka. Semua tempahan boleh diajukan kepada 0133173128.

Contoh pakej adalah

  • 1 keping potret 8R (gambar individu bersaiz 8 inci x 10 inci).
  • 1 keping gambar kelas 5R (gambar kelas bersaiz 5×7 inci) dengan grafik bingkai, logo dan nama kelas.
  • 4 keping gambar berukuran passport (gambar individu bersaiz passport).
  • Percuma Gambar Kelas berukuran 5R untuk setiap guru (max 3 guru)
  • Minimum 25 orang
Pakej Graduasi Tadika 1


Kami menawarkan latarbelakang bercorak rak buku yang biasa digunakan dalam gambar konvo. Bagaimanapun kami juga menawarkan latar belakang yang boleh ditukar secara digital. Penggunaan latarbelakang digital akan memberikan kelainan berbanding latarbelakang yang hampir sama sebelum ini.

Caj Perjalanan

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