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Renewing your Malaysia passport online and getting the photo just right can be tricky. There are a lot of requirements to make sure your photo doesn’t get rejected. If you’re renewing your passport online, we suggest wearing a black collared shirt, avoiding glasses or contact lenses, not smiling, skipping earrings and piercings, and keeping your hair off your forehead and ears. It’s crucial to follow these guidelines because getting your passport photo approved is no easy task.

A malaysian passport renewal photo is just RM25 per photo with 1 digital softcopy, and 4 pcs of print.

instant passport and visa photo
instant passport and visa photo

Passport and Visa Photo Requirements

Visa and passport photos are official documents, so it’s important to get them right. To avoid any issues with your visa application, we recommend following the specific photo and printing requirements.

Different Passport & Visa Photo Sizes

Passport and visa photos have all sorts of size and spec requirements. If you’re getting them done in Malaysia, we’ll stick to the standard sizes needed by embassies and governments. Just let us know if there are any extra details to avoid any issues.

China Visa (China Immigration)33mm x 48mm
UK Europe Visa 35mm x 45mm
US / INDIA Visa 50mm x 50mm
Canada Temporary and Permanent Resident Visa 35mm x 45mm / 50 x 70mm (Canada Immigration)
New Zealand / Australia Visa 35mm x 45mm (New Zealand)
APEC Card 35mm x 50mm Blue Background
Malaysian Work Permit Photo 35mm x 50mm Blue Background
Cambodia / Foto Umrah 40mm x 60mm
Japan Visa 30mm x 40mm or 35mm x 45mm
Malaysia Gambar Paspot 35mm x 50mm (Imigresen Malaysia)
Malaysia Work Permit 35mm x 50mm
Schengen Visa Photo 35mm x 45mm
(European Schengen Visa PhotoMalaysia Expat Photo 99px x 142px (Expat Visa Photo)
Grab License (PSV & Renew Driving License) 25mm x 32mm
L Driving License / International Driving License 35mm x 50mm (International Driving License)
Registration of Marriage 35mm x 50mm / 32mm x 38mm

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